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Neapolitan pizza (or pizza Napoletana) is a type of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy.

They are known for their thin, soft and chewy crust that blows up and chars in spots.


Born in Sardinia, Italy, Chef Davide Tanda is a
professional pizzaiolo that brings along
more than 20 years of
experience in pizza making. 


Handcrafted to perfection by the pizziaolo
Chef Davide Tanda,
all pizza dough is handmade daily,
perfectly proofed for up to 20 hours.

This long proofing stage allows the acid
producing bacteria in the leavening agent
to create thePizza Napoletana’s tangy texture.


At d.o.c, our Pizza Napoletana are cooked in
Beech-Ovens Stone Hearth Oven at
very high temperatures (800 F) for no more than 90 seconds.

The high heat and constant airflow seals and cooks the toppings fast. This gives the veggie toppings a crisper texture without compromising their vitamins or nutrients. 


Chef Davide also uses Applewood to add a nuanced layer of sweetness and aroma, giving a unique characteristic to the Pizzas.

(Applewood when burnt provides a sweet savoury taste to the food as the high concentration of sugar molecules
in the Applewood caramelises the food!)


Want to know more?

Come on in an have a chat
with our friendly staffs and
catch Chef Davide in action! 

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